Auditing of a facility is a simple and efficient tool to figure out:

  • Financial exercise at a given time,
  • Performance before acquisition or buyout,
  • Potential amelioration of performances and objectives. 

BETEN Agro has a long-date and outstanding experience in buyout of agro-industrial activities and acquisition of agriculture farms and goods. Thus we can offer you comprehensive audits adapted to your needs from the technical, legal and/or financial point of view.

For more information on our legal and financial services, please refer to the corresponding link of the BETEN Agro site.

Жан и Лаура проверяют ECOCERT Ukraine


As for the technical audit, its objectives must be clearly specified with the Client from the very beginning and through the meetings that shall be held in Kyiv. One of the important points that will be conditioned by specification of your expectations to be elaborated quickly is the adapted interventions timetable.
As to your objectives they may be as follows:

  • Yearly milk production/increase of capacity/productivity
  • Product quality improvement
  • Livestock health improvement/product aligned to environmental and hygienic norms
  • Performance improvement (reproduction, longevity, genetic, etc.) 
  • Improvement of facilities and buildings

What is more and depending on each specific case, your expectations in terms of interventions may be:

  • Spot-targeted assessment of
    • General health of your farm/livestock/factory
    • Your behavior in terms of exploitation/breeding/factory management (procedures, human resources,…) 
    • Your equipment (production equipment, buildings, milkers, processes,…) 
    • Your vegetable production
    • Organization, management and administration of human resources 
  • Immediate solutions
  • Medium and long-term solutions through 
    • Assisting you to define the strategy coherent with your objectives
    • Providing you with training required to become autonomous
  • «Permanent» consultants at your farm 

Example of typical audit mission to a milking herd breeding farm:

Activities below shall be implemented in the framework of the first farm auditing mission of several days:

  1. Analysis of young stock breeding (state of health, immunity assessment, fodder practices assessment).
  2. Analysis of heifer stock (state of health, assessment of body and weight development curves, analysis of medical practices, analysis of zootechnic practices).
  3. Analysis of milking cows (state of health, examination of animals, analysis of metabolic profiles, analysis of rations, assessment of housing, milking processes, analysis of medical practices).
  4. Analysis of non-milking cows (examination of animals, analysis of metabolic profiles, analysis of rations, assessment of housing, assessment of management, analysis of medical practices).
  5. Analysis of fodder and nutriments available (taking of samples for further analysis).
  6. Analysis of organization of human resources.

Preliminary recommendations shall be delivered at the end of the mission (rations, organization,…).

Audit report:

BETEN Agro binds itself to present the audit reports in French, English, Russian or Ukrainian within 4 to 6 weeks. The delay will depend on the rapidity of obtaining of results of analysis.

This report shall allow:

  1. Making precise picture of your farm at the moment of the visit.
  2. Delivering necessary recommendations to improve the weaknesses (nutrient rations, breeding practices, care protocols…).
  3. Fixing periodicity of checking of expected improvements.
  4. Elaborating the list of further objectives.




night +11
morning +9
afternoon +10
evening +8


night --2
morning --2
afternoon +7
evening +5