Market Study – Identification of Partners/Clients

BETEN, a French-Ukrainian company based in Paris and Kyiv, manages numerous projects in the fields of industry, agriculture and since recently in renewable energies. Our company has many contacts on place and can easily obtain information on agriculture and agro-industrial market and related industries within Ukrainian context, and we know good opportunities and potential partners/clients to meet your requirements.

The objective of this first step that we consider indispensable is to understand this unknown market through a short and non-expensive study before taking decision about more important investments.

Based on the information provided, preferably formulated as Client’s terms of reference, BETEN shall propose you a market study tailored to your expectations.

This study may consist, for instance and in the framework of the future facility, of the following data:

  1. Ukrainian national context overview 
  2. Global agriculture and agro-industrial potential
  3. Production/Specific industry
  4. Logistical constraints
  5. Identification and specification of intended projects
  6. Preliminary conclusions
  7. List of potential partners

Having considered this elements and after analysis and validation, BETEN shall provide conclusions and recommendations on feasibility of the project and shall specify corresponding administrative and financial conditions of implementation.

In its offer BETEN shall specify the delays of realization of the mission, content of deliverables and the dates proposed of intermediate and final meetings.

Visits and meetings related to the project could be organized after this study and on demand of the Client and accompanied by an interpreter specialized in the relevant field.

Such visits may be organized as:

  • Meetings with local elective officers or persons linked to the specific projects (politicians or other),
  • Meetings with potential partners (manufacturers, growers, distributors),
  • Visits of existing production, logistic infrastructure and export facilities,
  • Etc.

Based on market study and missions implemented, BETEN Agro then shall, if need be, propose to coordinate the practical implementation of specific project through:

  • Taking part in audits and participating on the stage of technical and economic feasibility;
  • Providing required information on the future location or future partnership;
  • Taking care of getting authorizations from State officials and local authorities and any other organism or service concerned that are required for implementation of the project and making provision of positive decisions of such organisms; 
  • Implementing and supervising the works;
  • Taking care of consultations and management of local sub-contractors;
  • Participating in preparation and negotiation of contracts;
  • Supervising different phases and lots of project implementation;
  • In general, managing local organizational issues susceptible to appear during preparation and practical implementation of the project.

Engineering contracts corresponding to each phase of implementation may be discussed as soon as necessary depending on each specific project to be pursued.

For more information on these various services please refer to the following links of the Services of BETEN Agro rubric.  



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