Legal services

 BETEN Legal offers an occasional or regular assistance for projects of international and local investors in Ukraine.

Our main goal is to combine a Western quality of services on the basis of a local competence based on international team of specialists.
  Our services include:

  • Experts' advice in different fields of the Ukrainian legislation for investors already established or wishing to start activities in Ukraine,
  • Establishment, registration, restructuring and acquisition of Ukrainian companies,
  • Negotiation, drafting and analysis of international agreements,
  • Negotiation with partners and subcontractors,
  • Legal audit - due-diligence,
  • Amicable resolution of conflicts or representation of interests of our clients in Ukrainian courts, administrations and supervisory bodies,
  • Legal monitoring and follow up of our clients' projects and activities,
  • Drafting memoranda on specific legal questions, etc.

Our legal services are rendered on the basis of a clear and transparent collaboration with our clients, with the highest level of efficiency, depending on our clients' needs and requirements. Services are rendered in French, Ukrainian, Russian or English.

The BETEN Legal service is particularly specialized and focused at all issues related to the agricultural and agro-industrial sector:

  • Assistance for the acquisition of agricultural farms or agro-industrial facilities (buildings and land plots), drafting and negotiating sale-purchase agreement;
  • Legal/financial audit prior to the acquisition, identification of land plots owners;
  • Transaction structuring;
  • Advice on taxation of agricultural companies;
  • Drafting, negotiating, analyzing sale-purchase agreements on animals, including import of animals in Ukraine; etc.;
  • Drafting, negotiating, analyzing sale-purchase agreements on purchase/sale of equipment with specialization of import in Ukraine;
  • Creation of utility project companies for each agricultural or agro-industrial project;
  • Drafting and negotiation of cooperation contracts for biomass projects


Financial services

BETEN International is perfectly positioned to keep the investor community duly informed about your projects and to be implied in fund raising. There are numerous factors contributing to that: 

Financing marked as BETEN corporate strategic priority. Assisting its Clients in managing their projects, BETEN is at intersection of all parties implied in development of projects. Thus our Company has a direct access to the most exhaustive and up-to-date information.

Company’s local expertize and its experience in project marketing allow filtrating information by the quantity and pace given according to your strategy:

  • In-house team devoted to fund raising
  • Strategic partnership with an investment bank specialized in CIS countries
  • Regular participation to international renewable energy conferences & investor summits
  • Extensive network developed over time in the financial sector: multilaterals, investment funds, general and sector/country specific, banks, corporate financial departments (utilities, manufacturers)

Objectives pursued:

  • Finding co-developers, or equity to finance development 
  • Fund raising for construction, debt and/or equity
  • Elaborating exit strategies:
    • Purchase guarantee providing to project owner at the development stage
    • Finding end-investors to buy building permits

  List of financial services:

  • Structuring the investment proposal: vendor due diligence, teasers & info memorandum drafting
  • Modeling: financial modeling and valuation of the projects 
  • Information management and Coordination: NDAs handling, coordinating Q&A sessions and investor due diligence, assisting negotiations with investors, drafting of application files with every parties, coordinating of project advisors (legal, technical, environmental etc…), data room implementation and management
  • Towards financial closing: work on insurance and warrantees, structuring and finalizing of financial agreements
  • Financial reporting:
    • Drafting of project detailed forecast budget, from SPV creation to end of development
    • Monthly reports providing comparison between actual and forecast expenses
    • Financial analysis on monthly reports, monitoring of CAPEX evolutions & establishing of future financial needs




night +11
morning +9
afternoon +10
evening +8


night --2
morning --2
afternoon +7
evening +5