Cattle Breeding

Ukrainian cattle breeding sector had experienced terrible restructuration with collapse of the Soviet Union and after dissolution of kolkhozes. The animals have been distributed among ex-workers of kolkhozes, which made big herds disappearing.

Since the early 2000 and after return of favorable conditions for investments, big farms and gross breeding facilities reappeared, providing more important offer in particular for stronger demand of big cities. Despite this sector remains in trouble the situation’s getting stable with intensified and standardized production.

Pig farms and poultry farms, taking into account growing demand for these products, are the best and fastest developing ones, particularly thanks to vertical integration being implemented.



The beef meat is less appreciated by consumers but at the same time there is a growing interest for high quality beef and the quasi-absence of beef breed yet several years ago is being filled with imported Angus, Charolaise, Limousine and Simmental races.

As for dairy products the demand is mainly growing even if production is hardly satisfying this demand. The actors of this sector are mobilizing to develop milk production and there are present small and big processing companies as (UNIMILK, WIMM BILL DANN) and once more there is strong presence of French companies operating in this field: BEL, LACTALIS, BONGRAIN, DANONE, which confirms the country’s potential.

France being the 1st European agricultural country (1st beef producer, 3rd pig producer after Germany and Spain, 1st poultry producer, 2nd milk producer) and 3rd agricultural and agro-industrial exporting country in the world, several improvements must be underlined in Ukraine in the matter of cattle breeding:

  • Import of animal genetic
  • Performance of breeding machinery
  • Extended range of treatment products
  • Transfer of technologies and technical audits (herd management, reproduction, etc.)
  • Optimization of human resources and farm management


Few words on French cattle breeding and on what may be imported in Ukraine in the matter of genetic:



  • Nurse of races known worldwide: bovine cattle Charolaise, limousine, Blonde of Aquitaine, Salers, Aubrac, Holstein, Montbéliarde, Normande; ovine Charollais, Texel, Ile de France, Merinos, Rava; caprine Saanen, Alpin and other animal species.
  • Unique livestock with recognized genetic potential with:
    • Diversity of races to satisfy requirements of any environment
    • A great number of breeders involved in selection
  • Big stock of beef cows:
    • 4,1 millions of cows identified and in production
    • 1,5 millions of heifer/year on the market including 300 000 from pure race selection farms with pedigree
  • Milking livestock of generally recognized potential:
    • 3,8 millions of cows identified and in production
    • 69% cows controlled
  • Sheep:
    • High-performance milking genetic, with 1,6 millions of sheep including 53% controlled
    • Meat genetic with the same characteristics as beef with more than 4,3 millions of sheep
  • Milk goats:
    • A genetic unique in the world with 851 000 goats including 20% involved in selection

To resume, the French cattle breeding it’s:

  • High genetic level and therefore efficient investment
  • An offer adapted to the world market, in particular to Ukrainian one



night +17
morning +16
afternoon +24
evening +25


night +22
morning +28
afternoon +31
evening +24