Ukrainian agro-industrial sector is fast developing due to mass emigration of rural population to the cities and growing demand of consumers for ready-to-use products.

However this sector is facing local shortage of raw materials, in particular of fresh milk products, meat products and vegetables in addition to the lack of financing.

Last few years and in order to manage the situation, Ukraine got open for import of food products but also for foreign investments of foreign agro-industrial groups and big retailers.

Main actors of this sector are:

  • Agro-industrial
    • Dairy products: Unimilk, Wimm Bill Dann, Lactalis, Danone, Bongrain, Bel
    • Processed meat products: MHP, Agromars, Ruby Rose Agricole, Globino, Koziatynski
    • Fruit and vegetables: Bonduelle, Sandora, Vitmark, Vinnifrout
    • Alcohol: Obolon, PPB, Carsberg Group, Nemiroff, Overline, Olimp, Zolotonichskii, Souz Viktan, Kniajii Grad, Massandra, Chabo,Koblevo, Koktebel, Inkermanskii, Odessavinprom
    • Sugars, sweets and chocolates: Kraft foods, Nestlé, Ukrprominvest, Conti, AVK
  • Big retailers
    • Local: Fourchette, Velyka Kichenia, Karavan, Megamarket, Eko, Fora, Novus
    • Foreign: Auchan, Metro, Billa, Fozzy

France is the 1st European agricultural country and the 3rd agricultural and agro-industrial exporting country in the world. Moreover, French agro-industrial sector has an outstanding reputation in Ukraine due to diversity and quality of its food products and protection of its cuisine traditions. Consequently several improvements must be underlined in Ukraine in the matter of agro-industry:

  • Performance of food processing machinery
  • Optimization of hygienic, environmental and safety conditions
  • Transfer of technologies and technical audits (factories to buyout and to improve to meet European standards, etc.)
  • Optimization of human resources and production management



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